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Pro Integrated Facility Service was established in 2001 by a group of highly ambitious local entrepreneurs from various Industries such as Cleaning, Manufacturing, Hotel and Maritime Industries.
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No.19, Jalan Ph 1, Kim Crest, Taman Puchong Hartamas, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

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Our Core Values

Our Core Values


At Pro, We Demonstrate ACCOUNTABILITY By:

Taking Personal Responsibility For All Actions

Following Through On Commitments For Works Assigned By Clients

Coming To Work Prepared to Work Efficiently and Effectively

Paying Attention To Details While Walking around and Taking Responsibility To Update Our Clients If There Is Any Follow Up To Be Done

Requesting Assistance When Needed From Pro Office To Ensure All Work Is Carried Out At Clients’Site As Per Contract Requirements Whenever Challenges Are Faced At Site Level

We Practice Continuous Learning Skills And Provide Counseilng For All Staff Looking For Solutions Rather Than Placing Blame When The Site Staff Faces An Issue

At Pro, We Demonstrate INTEGRITY By:

Maintaining Honesty In All Endeavors Taking Credit Only For Our Own Work (Not That Of Others)

Collaborating With Other Team Members From Clients Side To Ensure Certain Projects Or Assignment Carried Out Successfully

Using Clients Resources Wisely

Being Respectful Of All Our Clients Policies And Procedures

At Pro, We Demonstrate RESPONSIBILITY By:

Completing All Tasks On Time

Arriving for work and program activities prepared on time

Notifying clients of absences, late arrivals, early departures

Using Time-Management Strategies: Calendars, To-Do Lists

Turning Off Cell Phones And Other Personal Electronic Devices At Prohibited Areas

Using Computers In An Authorized Manner Wherever Applicable

At Pro, We Demonstrate RESPECT By:

Treating Clients, Peers, Guests And Staff With The Appropriate Level Of Respect

Demonstrating Acceptance Of Diverse Groups

Not Disrupting/Interfering With Clients Busy Schedule Or Daily Operations


At Being Positive

Communicating In A Sincere Manner

Willingly Accepting Constructive Feedback

Maintaining Composure Under Professional Or Personal Pressures

Being Punctual To Work

Adhering To Standard Grooming Policy


Using Language And Terminology Appropriate For Working Environments

Dressing In A Neat And Appropriate Manner For The Environment

Not Using Strong Scents, Perfumes Or Colognes

Carrying Ourselves In A Manner That Presents A Positive Image

At Pro, We Demonstrate CUSTOMER FOCUS By:

Being Courteous, Respectful, Polite and Honest

Make Every Customer Feel Important

Everyone In The Organization Is Responsible To Make Our Customers Happy

Identifying Et Understanding our Customers needs and requirements

Actively seeking and understanding Customer feedback

Always Improve on Customer Experience

At Pro, We Demonstrate ADAPTABILITY By:

Adapting To Changes In Schedule And Procedures

Exhibiting An Open Attitude And Being Receptive To New Ideas

Experimenting With New Techniques For Completing Tasks

At Pro, We Demonstrate CONTINUOUS LEARNING By:

Seeking Out Learning Opportunities

Seeking Clarification/Asking Relevant Questions

Contributing To Seminars/Training And Online Discussions

Seeking New Methods Of Learning Tasks

At Pro, We Demonstrate TEAMWORK By:

Listening To The Views Of Others

Giving And Receiving Feedback In A Positive Manner

Managing Conflict Constructively And Professionally

Being Committed To Tasks

Doing Our Share Of Work

Completing Assigned Team Tasks On Time

Contributing Ideas To Projects

Communicating With Team Members Regarding Tasks, Due Dates, And Meetings

At Pro, We Demonstrate CONFIDENTIALITY By:

Maintaining The Confidentiality Of Our Staff And Clients

Not Discussing Items A Person Shared Confidentially With Us

Not Gossiping, In Person Or On Social Networking Site